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What makes a genuinely good phone tracker ? There are many factors to consider, and much of it boils down to personal preference, but it is possible to single out some universally applicable criteria that would allow us to pick the best free apps out there on the market.

The number one factor we used to select this article’s entries is versatility - that is, the range of functions that enable different approaches to phone tracking depending on your needs and circumstances.

The second criterion is convenience - as you shall see, your phone tracker experience may vary wildly depending on seemingly minor factors, such as the method that the app uses to establish a phone number location or the user-friendliness of the dashboard.

Last but not least comes value for money. Tracking the location free of charge is only possible by activating a trial (no exceptions here), which is fine if you need it once. However, if you plan on using the phone tracker on a regular basis, you’d better take the time and see what it has to offer in terms of subscription plans.

With that in mind, let us take a thorough look at the five contenders for the title of the best phone number location tool in 2023:

1. Use uMobix to Track Cell Phone Locations and Get Real-Time Alerts!


Our countdown begins with a multi-purpose phone tracker app designed to find anyone’s whereabouts with only their mobile number - and several other ways to track a phone location if searching by number ends up ineffective.

Key Features:

In addition to phone number location, uMobix can scan the target phone in its entirety, thus granting you access to texts and media stored in its memory or as they appear on the user’s screen. Let us see in detail how each function works:

Search Phone Number Location

Just like any other spy app, uMobix free phone app (it offers a free trial) can’t magically drain the data from any device - to work properly, it requires installing it onto the phone you want to track. This can only be done manually on Android and requires the target’s iCloud credentials to function on iOS. Needless to say, you may find fulfilling both conditions problematic.

Thankfully, the GEOfinder tool embedded into uMobix conveniently circumvents this limitation and can procure you the needed phone number location. This can be achieved by sending them an anonymous location-sharing request that they can accept by clicking the attached link. This may sound like it’s unlikely to work, but think about how many apps and even websites want to track the current location of a visitor or user - there’s a good chance the phone’s owner will accept the request half-consciously.

Detailed Phone Info of Caller ID, Location, and Service Provider

Whenever you put in a phone number and find location of its owner, uMobix allows you to discover some other data tangentially related to the search, such as the last known Wi-Fi connection and the presence of a VPN in their network chain. However, this phone number tracker can go even further if you apply it to those who your target contacted. This, however, is only possible upon complete installation of the app on their device.

The idea is to combine the use of the GEOfinder feature with the uMobix call log and contacts tracker. If there’s a contact you find worthy of an investigation, type in phone number they use and do the exact same thing described in the previous section. After you find the location of the caller, you can still go up one level in your research and punch their number into any reverse phone lookup service - it’s highly probable that you’ll get to know their name and social profiles this way.

GPS Location Tracker

The benefits of using the unabridged and properly installed uMobix include being able to track a cell phone location using the app’s main tool designed specifically for this purpose. How is it different from GEOfinder? For one thing, it saves you the trouble of sending a sharing request each time you need to track a phone number. Another advantage is that it can lay the route to their location, if need be, and also show a detailed retrospect of places your target has recently visited in chronological order.

2. GEOfinder – Type in Phone Number and Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

GEOfinder is a web-based platform that enables you to type in phone number, wrap a sharing link into a convincing SMS text, then lean back and relax while the sender considers approving their phone number location request.

It’s an ingeniously simple system that requires little effort and is the closest thing to a free app you’ll find online, as it only costs a dollar to activate a 2-day trial with unlimited SMS.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with GEOfinder

Getting started with GEOfinder is no rocket science, but we’ll include a step-by-step guide in case being tech-savvy is not on your list of merits. This is how you track a phone number with the app:

Step 1. Start by creating an account on the website. This can be quite counter-intuitive, as you’ll have to type in phone number (it doesn’t matter whether it’s the number you’re looking for at this point) and press ‘FIND’;


Step 2. The site will show some vibrant animations that symbolize searching for the phone number location, then redirect you to the sign-up page;

Total price

Step 3. When registering, you are prompted to pay for the monthly subscription for using the mobile number tracker - do not worry about that, as the money will only be charged after the trial ends, and you can cancel it during the ensuing 48 hours.

Step 4. When you’re done, the site will take you back to the main page with the search field. Now it’s time to type in the relevant phone number and find location free of charge.

relevant phone number and find location free

Step 5. While the sharing link of the number tracker is being generated, think of a wording the target is likely to trust and share access to the location. Do not underestimate this step, as it will decide the result of all your phone number location efforts.

GEOfinder works


Along with the phone number location on the map, GEOfinder will also deliver a ton of extra data you might find useful. Let’s see what else one can dig up about the target phone and its owner:

Check the Device’s IP Using the Phone Number Only

If you have reasons to believe the one you’re looking for attempts to mask their whereabouts by using a VPN, it makes sense to take another step after you find their phone location by number.

GEOfinder may seem simplistic - primitive even, but it packs a formidable list of features along with GPS phone tracking. Those include an IP logger that checks their current connection address, a WiFi tracker to track a cell phone’s location even more accurately, a VPN detector, and even reverse lookup if you’re not exactly sure who you’re tracking.

Get Someone’s Location on Google Maps

In addition to being able to type in a phone number and find the owner, there’s a neat bonus feature that marks the location on Google Maps, thus allowing for a free online tracking experience. As the developers suggest, this is particularly useful when you need to know the location of your child or an elderly family member at any given moment.

3. Enter a Phone Number to Trace Location[1] [2] : Location Tracker Mobi

Location Tracker is yet another phone tracker by number and a direct competitor of GEOfinder built on the same monetization principle. The app uses a slightly different approach to finding a phone number location - if you can’t think of a persuasive SMS that would make the target feed their data to the number tracker reviewed above, an intriguing picture might do the trick.

The only fundamental difference between Location Tracker and GEOfinder is that the former allows you to use any messaging app to track a phone number while still remaining anonymous.

Easy Steps to Pinpoint Someone's Location

The preparations you need to make before attempting to track a phone number are somewhat less obscure than what you’d have to undergo with GEOfinder. Again, let’s break the process into steps:

Step 1. Press the pumpkin-colored ‘Get started’ button on the site’s main page that will take you to the sign-up screen;

Get started

Step 2. Create a Location Tracker account by providing your email;

Create a Location Tracker account

Step 3. Agree to activate the 2-day trial subscription. As you can see, there is simply no way to use phone number trackers free of charge, but $1 is the next best thing;

Start with Location tracker

Step 4. Mind the automatic renewal of your license that will cost you $39.99 for a month, and be sure to opt out of it (there’s a tiny button at the bottom left of the screen) unless you plan to track a cell phone belonging to someone else later on;

automatic renewal of your license

Step 5. After receiving an email notification about your account becoming active, return to the site and prepare to trace a phone number!

trace a phone number

Log In & Upload an Interesting Image to the Site

As we’ve mentioned, you don’t have to type in phone number of the target - just decide on what image to send - and maybe add a line or two of alluring text to make sure they swallow the bait and thus let you locate them in every location.

Send Generated Link to the Target Person

You’re on your own here - the app is not designed to help you find the target device via a channel of its own. If you want to track cell phone locations of people you are mutually acquainted with, do not raise unwanted suspicion by using an unusual messaging app and keep things natural. Send them a message with a picture and a tracking link via WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Keep in mind that even when the phone owner is clueless about your intentions, their device will show a confirmation pop-up to confirm sharing.

Track Location

The end results provided by this online GPS phone tracker are identical to those available in GEOfinder - you shall get the location of a cell phone plus the IP, WiFi, and VPN checks. It may be quite an ordeal to decide between these two robust and accurate GPS tracker apps, but our preference remains with GEOfinder, as an anonymous SMS is more likely to catch the owner off-guard and fetch you the location of the phone number.

4. Mobile Tracker Free – Find Current Location by Phone Number Online

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is advertised as the best app to track your family members vulnerable to everyday perils on the web and in real life. The developers of this mobile number tracker offer several subscription tiers, including the premium one that unlocks the ability to easily add an endless number of phones to an existing account.

Same as with uMobix, this phone tracker app uses a variety of methods to obtain sensitive data besides location by mobile number, and the level of control over the target phone allows you to get quite creative in your surveillance. However, if it is your absolute priority to trace a phone number for free, the app will leave you cold, as the feature is only available in basic and premium packages. The free version, while perfectly able to track location of the target phone, does so with heavy limitations.

Other Popular Features:

A truly great phone tracker by number app combines dozens of remote control and tracking options, and Mobile Tracker Free fits the description well enough. Let us explore the abundance of tools you’re getting with the paid versions of the app:

Call History, Mobile Number Owner History for Any Cell Phone

The tracker app uses both cell tracking and GPS technology to analyze the incoming and outgoing calls, which results in excruciatingly detailed logs containing time, duration, and phone number data. The latter can be used to track a phone number location of a suspicious caller.

GPS Location Tracking & Map for Mobile Phone Number

Mobile Tracker Free is an accurate GPS tracker that helps greatly with establishing almost anyone’s whereabouts. When the proper synchronization with the target phone is established, you can conveniently observe as the owner moves from one location to another in real time. If the map marker hints that your target might be in trouble and in need of your help, Mobile Tracker Free will trace the location of your own cell and give you prompt directions for quick and efficient navigation.

Full Social Media Monitoring App

Speaking of other options provided by Mobile Tracker Free, if finding someone’s location by phone number did not work the way you expected (or didn’t get you the data you wanted), social app tracking stands out in particular.

We all share much more sensitive information on the Internet than we are willing to acknowledge, and being able to see the profiles from the owner’s perspective is almost a guaranteed way to discover the truth. When installed on a rooted Android device, the app will drain the data from socials and messengers like Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more.

5. How to Track Phone Number Location Using General Techniques?

We can think of numerous scenarios when using a number tracker, for instance, is not an option, and some people just don’t need all those tools offered in the spy apps. Thankfully, there are lots of alternatives out there that cost literally nothing and will help you find your own or someone else’s phone with little to no effort. Of course, if we’re talking about secrecy, there are some limitations here as well, but the overall efficiency of the methods described below justifies going to the trouble.

Mobile Number Locator with Find My Friends

Find My Friends, a once great app for tracking your contacts’ current location, has been merged with Apple’s main tracking product - namely, Find My. The good part about the merger is that Find My has all the tools previously available in Find My Friends, and, thus, can become your genuinely free location tracking tool.

One obvious problem that unites this and all other legitimately free location tracking methods is that they all require either the user’s direct consent to send you the GPS data or your tampering with their phone. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether you take the persuasion route or the rogue route, but both will grant you the exact location in real time.

Real-Time Location History with Google Map

Google Maps has a colossal list of phone number location features that are arguably more powerful than those in the stock iPhone apps. The list of previously visited places, as well as the current location of a device, are readily available for anyone who has access to the corresponding Google account or one of the devices signed and synced with the profile.

As we’ve stated while reviewing the previous method, there are only so many ways of obtaining someone’s phone location with Google Maps. If you don’t have the person’s agreement to track the location, you can still somehow infiltrate the Google account or turn sharing on in their phone’s settings. We strongly advise you against doing the latter, as the security mechanism behind such sharing will continually send the owner GPS location tracking alerts, and you’ll be inevitably discovered sooner or later.


Here are some additional answers about the alternative location tracking methods:

Can I locate a mobile using its IMEI?

number tracking services can theoretically bring you the coveted results, but you shouldn’t set your expectations too high. When compared to GPS location tracking, IMEI is glaringly inaccurate, as it relies on cell tower data that can not get more accurate than a radius of about a mile. We can’t really recommend the method unless your goal is to establish the general whereabouts of someone’s mobile phone and do not care much about the resulting accuracy of the location.

How to track phone numbers from PeopleFinders? Is it possible?

To begin with, PeopleFinders is not guaranteed to deliver you up-to-date information that will really help in the process of locating a phone, as it only uses public records and data mining software. This increases your chance of wasting money on a phone number that has been long out of service. Simply googling the person’s profiles on all the possible social platforms has higher odds of getting a relevant cell phone number that can be fed into your phone tracker of choice.

Is a phone tracker app available in all countries? Can I type in phone number and find UK location, for example?

Absolutely. The ‘GPS’ abbreviation has ‘global’ in it for a good reason. As long as you manage to get the phone owner to share their location, willingly or unknowingly, the number tracker will have no problems whatsoever with picking it up and delivering it to you. You must understand, of course, that if GPS location is turned off on the target phone, the search will yield no results.


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Caller Identification
It is your right to know who is calling you!
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CALLER IDENTIFICATION and SPAM BLOCKING: Findcontact allows you to know a caller’s ID even if the phone number is not saved in your phone book. It filters out unwanted calls and lets you to communicate with only those you want to. Activate spam filter so you’ll be instantly notified when you get an unwanted call and provided with the real-time protection against automated calls, telemarketers and scammers. We are so good at fighting unwanted calls, and we are striving to make our technology stronger day by day. In 2024 alone, we prevented over 500 million unwanted calls and potential fraud. Findcontact draws its strength from its community. Block unwanted calls and report them to us. By doing so, you can contribute to protection of millions of Findcontact users.

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Caller Identification
It is your right to know who is calling you!
Instantly learn the identity of an unknown caller
on your Android device.
Find location of mobile number and
show phone number location on maps!

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