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The safest trick to find out how they booked you on WhatsApp without downloading Getcontact

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13 hours ago
The safest trick to find out how they booked you on WhatsApp without downloading Getcontact


In recent weeks, a large part of iOS and Android users have been downloading the Getcontact application, a program that is used to know what name or nickname your friends have saved you in their contact list; however, according to Kaspersky, a company specializing in computer security, it was learned that after accepting the terms of the software you are granting permission to transfer your personal data and that of your friends, it means that they will not only have access to your list of contacts but also photos, camera, IP address, etc. For this occasion, from Depor we will teach you the safest way to know under what name your friends saved you in WhatsApp.

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After explaining what happens after using getcontactit is likely that you have decided not to download it to your mobile device, but we will not leave you with the curiosity of knowing what name your friends or family have scheduled you with, in fact there is a simple trick for you to know this information, all without you get in touch with that person through WhatsApp.

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  • First, as always check that WhatsApp have no pending updates on the Android Google Play or iOS App Store.
  • This so that there are no problems when performing the trick.
  • Now, write to one of your trusted friends and let them meet that person who makes you curious to know what name they saved you under.
  • These users have to tell you that they need your number, because if you do it you are very suspicious and could even change the initial name or nickname.
  • Possibly I will pass it to you by pressing on the clip icon >”Contact” > “Send”.
  • If so, the trick has worked as expected, since the number will be sent with the name that he or she has programmed for you.

How to remove your WhatsApp number from Getcontact

  • It should be noted that to remove your number from GetContact it is not possible to do it from the same application.
  • To do this you must log in
  • Once inside you must put the number you want to delete and at that moment you will receive a code by SMS on your cell phone, the same one that you must place on this page.
  • Tap on “Edit labels” and disable all of them.
  • Go to the bottom and you will see a tab that says “Visibility Adjustment”.
  • Here you will see a “Visibility: active” button.
  • Just disable it and you’re good to go. With this, your number will no longer be within GetContact.

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